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Going Mobile or Going Backwards

Scott Murray - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Has the way you do business changed in the last year?

The increasing percentage of searches online for people who want to buy goodies and services from your business now comes from a different source.  Their mobile phones (Google groups tablets with desktops).   Yep, over 50% of all searches are now done from a mobile device.  

How does it effect your business?

The number one thing you need to ensure is that your website (your online business card) is mobile responsive.  This means that your site must flex and adapt itself from the screen size of a mobile phone to a desktop and everything in between.  Look at the examples below to see what happens if your site is not mobile responsive.

The Desktop Version:


Translates too this on a mobile phone:

You can see the vital information ie. Telephone number is no where to be seen, and half the site is off the screen.  Now I'm not bagging Scotty's Removals because they haven't upgraded their website to be mobile responsive (but I will contact them to let them know).  I am sure Scotty's are like most business's, they are really great at what they do and struggle to keep on top of all of the latest advances in the online world.

Is your site Mobile responsive?  If you are unsure you can go to Responsinator, enter your site and find out for free.

Where too from here?  We've upgraded many sites lately to become mobile responsive so you can talk to us

Getting mobile, doesn't mean you have to get on your bike and go visit your clients, but having your website mobile responsive ensures you can keep your doors open.