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Case Study: How to generate over $1300/hr from a small email marketing list

Scott Murray - Thursday, July 09, 2015

Its never the size that counts, always the returns. Return on Investment that is. If you’re like me you value your time. I’d rather spend my time having an adventure with my family and friends than working. So if I am going to invest my time I do things I love, and I love to get paid well along the way.

A lot of my clients are start ups or new businesses with small email lists. This will still work with existing businesses big or small.


Body Bliss Massage Noosa has a small targeted list of massage clients and potential clients who have opted in to receive information about back pain. The key here is 'targeted list'. A small list of targeted clients who love what you offer, is far more profitable than a list of thousands that never open your emails. (If you have the list of thousands who are unresponsive considered a massive cull and only talk to those who are interested - niche market rather than mass market...more about that another day!)


If you've visited Noosa recently, you may have noticed there are more massage therapists and yoga studios than there are restaurants. It's a competitive market - if you want to look at it that way! Body Bliss is one of the few Kahuna Massage specialists who combine energy healing into their sessions and create lasting change for their clients. Business can always expand though right? And one of the ways to grow your business is to increase your prices.

We wanted to test out the possibility of raising session prices and generate more income at the same time.

the OFFER: 

We bundled sessions together in lots of 3 or 5 with a discount.  

The offer was only available for two weeks. (with a 6mth expiry on the sessions) 

All sessions had to be paid for upfront.  


The time taken to craft the email and set up the bundles in the shop was approx 30 minutes. Within the first 3 days we had received $660 in sales (not bad for 30 mins work! - hence the $1300/hr from a small list)

This was only 1% of the list taking us up on the offer.  While still a great return from a small list and the time taken to create the deal, we could have received more by reminding clients about the impending close date of the deal a few times in the two week offer period.  Who likes to leave money on the table? Not me.  But we didn't set this process up when we created the offer and then became too busy to implement it.  Note to self for next time.

We have since increased the session prices and the business is still expanding.  A small increase in prices doesn't always deter clients, unless you were not offering value for money in the first place.


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