Industry Experts and Expert Status

"Follow the leader. A beaten path is far easier to travel."

"Share your expert status - proclaim yourself as the expert in your field."

"Holler your message from the highest rooftops..."


Create something different. For you. For your business. For your followers. For the world.

Are you sick of all the marketing hype surrounding business? What if each of us just used our unique gifts to create our business. Your gift is generally what you find easiest but don't value. What is that for you?

I have the ability to explain and demonstrate technical things (like websites and online business essentials) in plain english that 60+ yr olds can grasp and apply. Yes its a work in progress but have a look at this Grandmother's website.

If you have to tell people that you are 'The World's Best...", "The Most Inspiring...", then probably you are not.

Instead, invite them to discover your brilliance through the quality content you create and share. Search engines will love you for it too!

You will never have to sell anything ever again. Your loyal followers will do it for you. Again and again.

What gifts do you have to share with the world through your online business?

Scott Murray 21-Aug-2014 0 Comments
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