How to Make Your Facebook Banner Clickable

Steal traffic from facebook and redirect it to your business blog/website. A simple way to add value for your facebook visitors - give them a gift for doing so!

Used creatively, the Facebook Timeline Cover Image allows you to steal traffic from one of the busiest sites on the internet, legally!

For something that is actually really quick to implement, not many business online are taking advantage of it. Be one of the few, reward your visitors handsomely and grow your database with ease.

Some facts about maximising your Timeline Cover Photo:
  • 1. It's the first thing people see when they arrive on your page. If you know most of your potential clients access Facebook from a mobile the make sure your call to action fits in this screen shot. 
  • 2. Every upgrade Facebook does features images more prominently - so use them to your advantage! 
  • 3. Facebook will help you promote your new Timeline Banner Photo - that's correct! When you upgrade your Cover Photo, Facebook announces it on the newsfeed - Kaching! Kaching! Who doesn't love free promo? 
  • 4. According to the lastest Facebook Guidelines we as marketers are no longer restricted from including calls to action within our Timeline Photo. Keep your cool, you don’t want to confuse your visitors though. Invite them instead to: subscribe to this, watch my webinar, click here, free product offer, or download a report/mp3. The only limitation is that you can't have more than 20% text on you cover photo.

Remember this. Your visitors are busy. They are bombarded with information all day, every day. So make your call to action obvious and easy ie. obvious what they are 'clicking' for and 'easy' once they click to receive whatever you have offered.

Let's get started making your Timeline Cover Photo Clickable...

Once you have signed into your Facebook account:

1. Upload your new 'Call to Action' ready Cover Photo, click on the small camera on the top left and then 'upload photo'. I am assuming you have already created your new image (more about creating Cover Images later)

**HOT TIP: Optimize your photo properties before you upload it to Facebook - PC: right click, choose properties, click summary, fill in the fields

Mac: click on the image, edit the image title, description etc

2. Then you click on your Timeline Cover Photo, you get this popup screen:

3. Click on 'Add a description' and add your content. I suggest you have: an invitational heading, the link you want them to go to, a description of what you are sending them to, social proof/testimonials and then your call to action and the link again.

** HOT TIP - send people to a targeted page/post/offer/opt in, not just your website!

When you are creating your graphic, be aware that lots of potential clients view your Facebook profile on their mobile so your banner will look something like this below. Make sure you think about placement of your call to action.

Feeling creative? Go create your own and let me know how you go. Not sure where to start? I use Canva create all of my graphics. It’s 'Graphic Design Genius' for the not so creative among us. Hang tight, I will be creating some visuals on how you can quickly and simply create all of your social media graphics very soon

In the meantime, I would love to see any Facebook Timeline Cover Photos that have cool calls to action that inspired you to take action. Leave the url in the comments below so we can have a look too.

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